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How to Improve Professional Communication Skills in English?

With better professional communication skills come business and job opportunities.

Tripathy’s Rapid course provides a complete package of grammar and speaking skills aimed at giving your professional communication a quick boost.

About The Course

This is a rapid professional communication skills enhancement course designed especially for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) graduates and aspiring professionals. This course gives you a quick foundation of the professional communication skills currently being demanded in the increasingly competitive worlds of academia and industries.

Course Map

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Duration: 1 month

Total Live Sessions: 20 hours

Mode: Online on Teachmint App

Demo Class Timings: 7 PM to 9 PM on Fridays

Main Class Timings: 7 PM to 9 PM on Saturdays and Sundays

Fee: ₹3500 ₹1200 (only for the Main Classes)

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This is an MCQ test consisting of 15 questions with varying difficulty levels (6 easy + 6 medium + 3 hard) of 1-hour duration to help you judge your entry-level communication efficiency.
sentence types and structure (parts of speech), tenses, articles, pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions, contractions, punctuations, question tags, modals, conditionals
vowels, consonants, diphthongs, syllables, stress
how to use dictionary and thesaurus for various purposes such as casual and intensive lookups
how to think in English like a native speaker
how to make the most out of listening to active and passive conversations, mental note-taking, and online note-taking during lectures, conferences, talks, debates, and meetings
pauses and intonations, group discussions, role-playing, and mock interviews based on common STEM topics and scenarios such as for researchers, teachers, academic counsellors, academic coordinators, and business development associates
casual reading, intensive reading
email writing, blog post writing, two assignments to be written on shared Google Docs (one for email and one for blog post with proper plagiarism check and SEO)
This is an MCQ test consisting of 15 questions with varying difficulty levels (6 easy + 6 medium + 3 hard) of 1-hour duration to help you judge your exit-level communication efficiency.

Recommended Books

Parts of these books will be used during the course. The students are encouraged to complete all these practice books beyond the course duration. These books are self-study books. However, students can any time ask for help for free in the WhatsApp discussion group, if they need any.

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